Sunday, March 27, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2010

So I took a trip to Las Vegas at the end of November last year. It was a work conference, but I decided to take an extra weekend for the trip. It's one of those trips that I just had to do, and claim that I've done it. Vegas is clearly not my scene: there wasn't really much there besides gambling, strip shows, clubs and general debauchery. I am starting to sound like I am older than I really am.

I do, however, think that it provided some good opportunities for streetphotography. The whole city is a show. It's almost as if people there expect to be photographed. The elaborate over-the-top-ness provided some interesting perspectives and insights into the human psyche.

Agfa Silvertone, Rodinal (1+100), 1 Hour stand, Voigtlander Bessa R3A &40mm Nokton

There is something about the contrast and tone of the high silver content of this film.

What awaited us in the arrivals hall, inside the airport. Almost like they couldn't wait to get our money.

Cpt. Jack Sparrow. Don't forget the Cpt. He seems to have grown a little belly since Pirates 3.

Sometimes you're the bird, sometimes you're the statue, so to speak.

Aye, matey.

A Venetian moment.

I often wondered, would he move if I walked up and took his money?

How far would people (and businesses) go to provide the cliched sense of romance? An over-the-top indoor canal with some dude singing in a striped shirt whilst rowing a boat?

What's the difference between a traveller and a tourist? The tourist will buy into the commercial bullshit. The traveller will find the gems off the beaten tracks. The tourists will get someone to row their boat and guide them through the place, the traveller will row his own boat.

The mall inside the Venetian was practically void of people. Recession indeed.


Salute (take 2)!

A quiet moment.

Easypix 200, Voigtlander Bessa R3A & 40mm Nokton Classic

Fujifilm Superia 400, Voigtlander Bessa R3A, 40mm Nokton Classic

Niqab in Las Vegas. Never expected to see that. Ever.

This was one of the many brides that I saw that evening.

They were having a very serious talk about what he's done.

Even in the midst of all the energy of The Strip, some people felt quite tired. I was one of them too.

They forced me to sit in the bar, because I was alone.

Love the colour saturation of film. The smile here also helped brighten the mood.

Quite unfortunate that some girls have to do this for a living.
Quite fortunate that she's not having to do worse things (and there are a lot of worse things in Vegas).

6 AM the next morning. It's reassuring that there is still some order amongst the chaos.

Easypix 200, Voigtlander Bessa R3A, 40mm Nokton Classic

Early jogger.

Vegas can be a lonely place.

On my way to Tiffany's (the diner). Wanted to have "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Kentmere 400, Rodinal (1+100), 1 hour stand, Voigtlander Bessa R3A, Nokton Classic 40mm

Tiffany's was a little over 2km off The Strip. When I started the walk, I thought that it would take me about 40 minutes to get there. I forgot that the sidewalks in Vegas tend to disappear and wind off into the casinos, with huge detours. It eventually took me about 2 hours to get there, but managed to take in some unexpected things.

like a church, on The Strip.

Free advertising brochures. They advertise people and the various services that they offer. In very visually explicit detail. And that's just on the cover.

The stuff of "dreams".

This is just crazy.

The town gets quiet very quickly, even just a little down The Strip.

Very American.

The Stratosphere. It's a hotel.

Wedding chapel. There were three of them next to each other. Begs the question, why would people want to get married in Vegas?

Finally, Tiffany's. No more breakfast, had brunch instead.

So Tiffany's is a very traditional American diner. It's one of the few remaining of a dying breed. It's open 24/7, but seldom patroned.

Don't remember her name anymore. She only started working there a week before this, and she loves her job because the regulars of Tiffany's are friendly.

The wall of photos, again very cliched for an American diner.

A place of tranquility inside The Mirage Hotel, however fake this conservatory is.

Look carefully at this photo.

Harleys at the foot of the Eiffel.

The Eiffel

Outside the Belaggio.

Beavis and Butthead

The Strip.

Fashion Show inside The Fashion Show Mall. More on this in another entry.