Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A laid back entry for a tired mind...

Work continued to be busy, and I am starting to feel the burn. Here is the film stuff from three weeks ago - my street shooting trip through the heart of Downtown Toronto. I tried to play around with depth of field when indoors to get the blurry bokeh, but the shutter speed on my camera is too slow when outdoors to allow a large enough aperture to do it effectively.

At the local Second Cup to get some pick-me-up juice and to use their free Wi Fi to download my emails onto my iPod touch. Thought the lighting brought out the warm atmosphere of the place.

Aww, the sad face... She sat there staring into space for like half an hour. Goodness only knows how long she was there before and after I was there.

China Town.

You'd notice this dog from the previous post. I stalked the dog for a little while and waited for someone to give him a hug. Then I focused and waited for them to look up. My first proper, in-you-face street shot that was not taken from the hip. Composition was terrible, but it nevertheless represents a milestone in my amateur photography career.

It was a cold and miserable day. My second in-your-face shot.

You'd recognise this shot from the previous post, but that one was done on my Canon S90. Here is the colour, digital version:

The digital version certainly offers more vibrant colours but it lacks the bokeh and the character that comes with it. I much prefer the film shot than the digital shot. What do you think?

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