Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the street: University & King W

I just checked my subscription statistics. I have apparently got 4 subscribers. I know that I am one of the four. This means that I have three more subscribers than I anticipated. Thanks guys! :)

This is one of those shots that makes me want to stop all street shooting straight away and retire happy, knowing that I ended it on a high.

The juxtaposition: both walkers in the same pose, both with one foot up.
The candidness: all unposed!
The composition: rule of thirds on both walkers.
The diagonal lines: right across the frame, separating the darkness and brightness.
The exposure control: perfectly exposed for the walkers, even in a very contrasty scene of bright whites and dark blacks.
The bonus: the top suit and walking stick!

The irony: it was taken when I least expected a shot.
The pity: shot on colour film and cross processed in rodinal. I have a feeling that there would have been more details if I used pure black and white film.
The moral of the story: keep camera ready at all times. Aperture and shutter speeds all predialled, lens pre-focused (this is certainly a shot that I could not have taken with an SLR without drawing a stick-load of attention to myself that would have sent the walker running for covers).

EasyPix 200 Colour film, shot on Olympus 35RC, cross-processed in Rodinal 1+100, 60 min, stand development.

PS: I am running out of fodder for this blog. The thesis is back with comments from my beloved supervisor and I am busy putting in about 40 hours each weekend trying to finish it off. This means not much opportunity to go out and shoot. It looks like another summer has bitten the dust. Will dig around to see if I have more original photos lying around for a post.

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