Sunday, April 11, 2010


Life hasn't been very interesting this last week - just stuck in the office with a crap load of work that is showing no signs of abating. So this week's entries are all commute related.

The spring rains have started coming down. From the 26 Celsius that we had the previous weekend, the termperature has come all the way back down to two degrees Celsius. Apparently this is the typical April temperature of Toronto. So no beach for me this weekend. Just as well, I had to take work home.

Funny how I used to just quote degrees but now I have to quantify the thing with the kind of degrees. God damn imperial units. Somebody tell them that it's the 21st century.

Pedestrians, please obey your signals. Even when it's not raining and you're carrying an umbrella.

Rush hour doesn't seem all that rushed at all at 8 AM the day after the long Easter weekend. Only construction workers and the courier. And some tourist with a backpack. And some Asian dude with a shoulder bag with his lunch and work laptop inside it, zapping away with his little inconspicuous camera.

This dude did not shut up for the whole trip (35 min) and he was LOUD! I was trying to read but couldn't concentrate with his blabbing in the background. Then I put my iPod on with noice cancelling earplugs. Still couldn't concentrage. I eventually moved away to sit at the other end of the bus and his voice carried all the way. Fucking inconsiderate bastards. Some one should tell these people that cellphones work just fine without the caller screaming into it.

I had fun watching this dude sleep on the subway. He would be sitting straight and then he will fall sideways. Then he'd snore and sort of wake up and sit up straight again. Then he repeats the cycle. The whole process is about 7 seconds each cycle, like clockwork

The blind girl was trying to chat up everyone who sat near her. The questions are always the same: Do you have any pets? Why not? I have a cat, two cats actually. I love cats. Are you married? Does your wife have a cat?

Then this other chap sat there next to her. She asked him the same questions.

Commute reading: boring!

The watermarks from the morning rain.

Commuters reading while they waited for the train to arrive.

It was a packed train.

Rush hour traffic once the effects of the long weekend have worn off.

On my way home. Some screwed up attire. Shirt and tie with jeans and trainers. Accesorised with a formal overcoat and a hat. Sleeper on the side. Poster in the back made my stomach rumble a bit. I was starving.

Left work really late and found myself in a somewhat empty bus outside of rush hour. Actually, I am always outside of rush hour, but this week was especially bad because of work load. The bus was empty enough for this guy to put his feet up and take up the whole row. He was wearing muddy shoes too.

More sleepers on the subway. If I wanted to, I could publish a book everyday with photos of commute sleepers.


  1. another ZA Dude in CAApril 11, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    Cool photos. You should definitely have a post with only sleeping commuters. Call it: Work Hard...Sleep Harder.

  2. I certainly will. That will be an easy entry.