Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some old film

I found some film stuffed into my shoulder bag that I haven't shared before. Nothing spectacular, just lots and lots of people in one of the busiest shopping districts around at the beginning of spring. Maybe about a month or so ago. I would say this happened about 2 weeks before this.

Fujifilm Superia 400 Xtra. All Canon Canonet QL17.

On Woodbine Beach.

More Woodbine Beach. This guy was quite good. Knowing how clumsy I am I would never try something like this unless I had heavy padding for my feet and shins.

Yonge and Dundas Square shoppers and people leaving work. A cool mixture of people with different tolerance levels to the tmperature.

And then I found this crazy guy wondering at a street corner in some extremely strange attire.

The photographers are also out and about. His camera is obviously a lot more advanced and more expensive than mine. And it has a massive flash too. The beauty of a buzzing city: no one gives a crap about what you're shooting as long as it's in a touristy area where everyone else has a camera. But I suppose he won't be taking any street shots with his camera outside of these touristy areas...

I like how everyone were sitting in a straight line. Not intentionally of course, but they did...

Brake dancers on the square.

That dog was like bigger than him and he still rested his foot on the poor dog. I suppose you won't be doing that to a chihuahua...

There were even people playing with football in Downtown Toronto. Now that's unexpected.

People watching the brake dance.

The parking lot of the Hard Rock Cafe is always filled with Harleys. The Hard Rock Cafe is always filled with people who ride the Harleys...

More shoppers on Yonge Street. Apparently Yonge is the longest street in the world and goes on for close to 2000 km. This is close to the beginning of it.

Queen Street W. The sun was setting over some building. I forget what it is. Lens glare wasn't that sexy though...

Don't know why I took this shot. I looked interesting at the time. Think it was the boots. I think I was also trying to pan the shot but obviously screwed up. And I managed to chop half her head off.

I think I was half convinced that the focus was off and decided to test it on this guy. Very Canadian, walking with coffee cups in their hands. Pedestrians often move faster than traffic in Downtown. Old City Hall in the background.

More Queen Street. This time at the intersection with York.

With spring comes the bikers.

I was out yesterday shooting street. Walked for about 6 hours and put in another hour of gym after that. I am still sore from the exertion, so still haven't downloaded the stuff from the camera yet. Tada.

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