Saturday, September 10, 2011

San Francisco - Reflections: Oche Wat Te Ou (21)

Kodak TriX400 in HC-110 (1+31) 6.5min, Leica M6 + Zeiss 50mm Planar T*

There is this pond in the middle of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in the heart of San Francisco. This is my selfportrait of the trip. This reflects my mood at the time (excuse the pun).

They say that when one travels solo, one discovers more about one's self.

They also say that as a photographer matures, their photos start to take on a new perspective. Whereas new photographers try to mimic others' work and present their work as something that would please the crowd, the more mature photographers present work that convey emotions. Their emotions. Their very own.

What does this photo say about me? Confusion? Faceless? Undiscovered?

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