Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Dutch love the smell of coffee in the mornings

So I was MIA for a little while. The thesis is back and work was chaotic. There are days when I wanted to jump on a flight back to SA to strangle my research supervisor for his crimes against sanity and all logic, but the price of the flights into SA at the moment discouraged me from doing just that. So presevere I did.

The darkroom is up and running. This is the my second self-developed roll. Ironically, the first roll that I developed was (intentionally) cross-processed: colour film developed using black and white chemicals. Those didn't work out too well - very low contrast. The images from the second roll came out ok, a bit grainy. That's the characteristic of the cheapish Kentmere 400 film. Hated it initially, but I think it's starting to grow on me. I have another 9 rolls of the stuff lying around, so I will see at the end of this trial whether or not I will stick with this film.

 So the Dutch love the smell of coffee in the mornings, and the Brazillians... not so much...Nothing wakes you up in the morning like neon orange and a large Tim Horton's coffee in the subway.

Dutch supporter, outside Tim Hortons, Finch Subway Station. Taken on the day of the SWC quarter-final playoff between the Netherlands and Brazil (2010/07/02).

Watching the game at the food court, Standard Life Centre. Taken just after the second Dutch goal. Guy on the left of the picture was wearing orange, dude on the right wearing yellow and blue.

Oh, and I have to say this. HOP HOLLAND HUP!

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