Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Retro: ZAF vs. URU

Taken at the pub (2010 / 06 / 16)
0 - ZAF : URU-3

There are few things that really piss me off in life: cheaters is one of them.

The temporary reprieve of taking an afternoon off work to recharge my batteries backfired - I ran off to see a football game where my team lost 3:0. The scoreline was probably fair for the game, but it's the way that the game panned out that really annoyed me. A cheating striker dived and fooled the referee to give a red card to the goal keeper and awarded a penalty. This trend then somehow lasted for the entire tourny. The same diver went on to knock out another team by a deliberate handball off the goal line. Some people would call him a hero. I call him a cheat. And a gloating cheat at that too. Moral of the story? Life is shit. Life is unfair. I'd better get used to it

There, my typical South African whinge.

Photos taken on Canonet QL17 GIII on EasyPix 200 (totally wrong film for the occasion: it was dark) colour film, cross-processed in Rodinal BW chemical at 1+100. Stand processing, 60 minutes. Focusing was messed up because, well, it was too dark to focus. It was quite an accomplishment that I could frame and compose.

The Canonet, like I alluded to above, is difficult to focus.So O got myself another analogue rangefinder, an Olympus 35 RC.  Saw it on ebay for 5 pounts plus 6 pounds shipping. Decided to have a go at it, didn't have much to lose. The thing arrived and appeared to be working mecahnically. The metering system was DOA even with a battery, so manual exposure here I come again. Not a bad camera for an outlay of 11 pounds. Busy testing with another roll of cheap Easypix 200. Will post results once the film is exposed and developed.

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  1. Ah man, sucks that some of them came out a bit foggy, but the memory of that game and time at Scally's will forever be crystal clear for many. I will always know where I was when someone speaks about World Cup South Africa. A great moment in time, even if not captured perfectly on film. Work is always great regardless.

    Cheers to you, Chong!